Dear Spartan Baseball Family and Friends,

I hope this letter finds you well as spring – and the start of another baseball season – approaches.

All of us in the M State Spartan baseball program are working to increase our team’s exposure in your area, carrying on the positive tradition we’ve begun and earning recognition for “respecting the game.” This added exposure will help us to recruit quality student athletes from your area. We’re asking your help as we work to continue as a competitive program.

You have been named as someone who supports one of our team members and their commitment to Spartan baseball.

Would you consider a donation to Spartan baseball? Your financial support of our M State baseball family in any amount would be greatly appreciated. Donations, which may be tax deductible, will go for equipment and expenses such as player gear, field supplies, travel costs (including our annual spring trip), meals and overall improvement of Spartan baseball.

As a thank you and a way to promote our program, we’d like to provide you with Spartan baseball apparel that you can wear proudly to identify you as a Spartan supporter. For each donation of $25* or more, you’ll receive an M State baseball t-shirt as a thank you.

We greatly appreciate your support for Spartan baseball and look forward to seeing you, your family and your co-workers sporting Spartan baseball attire. Also, watch for our cash raffle in January for another chance to support Spartan baseball.

Thank you for your support and Go Big Blue!

Grant Harding
M State Head Baseball Coach

*All but $5 per shirt will be considered a tax-deductible gift to M State baseball.