Dear Friends and Family,

The M State football program has been working hard this off-season with the goal of making the 2020 season one to remember. In an effort to continue to improve the program, I have asked my football team to make a list of the important people in their lives.

Each member of the team has been asked to raise approximately $150 to help offset some football program expenses. The money raised will be used for re-conditioning of equipment, team travel expenses, fall camp meals, new jerseys, as well as many other necessities for the football program. In order to make the experience of playing college football as rewarding as possible, it is essential that we raise extra funds as a program. I can assure you that your donation, large or small, is much needed and truly appreciated.

Your generous donations to the football program are tax deductible, and you will receive a receipt from our foundation office for your tax records. Also, everyone on the football team is required to have at least 10 community service hours each year. We work hard in the community of Fergus, and in our home communities, to help give back.

Feel free to donate what you are able.  Please know whatever you donate is greatly appreciated and thank you for supporting the M State Spartan Football Team.


Cory Miller
Head Football Coach