Great opportunity to help Spartan Golf

A simulator for year-round use to enhance the golfing program at M State in Fergus Falls
The Spartan golf team will benefit as the season starts late because of the Minnesota weather. For the last decade the Spartans have hoisted the Region XIII championship to qualify for the national tournament. Our geographic are puts us at a disadvantage as it is a short season. “Our situation is always a little strange as we qualify in October, but don’t take our trip until the following June,” Spartans head golf coach Jason Retzlaff said. “The majority of the colleges in the nation that participate in golf qualify in April or May.”

We are so thankful as we have raised $20,000 through the Spartan Boosters and our FACF Board of Directors is looking to match that for a total goal of $40,000. Let’s go!

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The Foundation provides a solid legacy of support to the Fergus Falls campus of Minnesota State Community and Technical College. Through the support of donors, Fergus Area College Foundation provides resources to enrich learning, living, working and serving. In 2020-21 we awarded more than $287,00 in student scholarships. We also provide philanthropic support to promote innovative new initiatives, and upgrading curriculum and facilities.

The Fergus Falls Chamber of Commerce’s “Committee of 100” organized and worked to bring a two-year college to Fergus Falls in 1960. Many of the college founders took the next steps to incorporate a nonprofit to support the college’s mission in 1963. Subsequently, Foundation board members went door-to-door in downtown Fergus Falls to tell the community about our college and their plans to organize the Foundation.

This good work continues. Today’s Foundation Board of Directors tells our story and shapes our vision in support of the Fergus Falls campus of M State. We’ve been extraordinarily fortunate in receiving continued scholarship support for our students through local individuals, alums and businesses.

A member of our board of directors once called the Foundation “an affair of the heart.” This is so right. Our relationships with our donors and our community keep us going through tough decisions, goals, fundraising calls, challenges and celebrations. These very relationships are the most joyful aspect of our work, and we are always delighted to work with prospective donors in realizing their dreams.

As we revel in our successes and pursue our dreams for the future of our college, we will do as we always have. We will keep our feet firmly on the ground and support the Fergus Falls campus. Thank you to our community of supporters for helping to bring our dreams to life.