Spring 2021 application now open!

FACF offers approximately 100 different scholarships through one online scholarship application.

Attending spring 2021

If you did not receive a scholarship for fall 2020, are a new or returning student on the Fergus Falls campus of M State and plan to attend spring semester, please go to this link to apply for a scholarship(s). Deadline to apply is December 6, 2020.

Please use a non-school email you check regularly as award notifications and further directions will be communicated to you through this email.

Minimum Scholarship Requirements:

  • GPA of 2.5 or higher (You will need to include a current high school or college transcript)
  • Must take a minimum of 8 credits on the Fergus Falls campus (the 8 credits do not include online classes). **The FACF Board of Directors has waived the requirement of 8 on the Fergus Falls campus through spring 2021 semester due to COVID-19. You do need to have Fergus Falls listed as your official home campus.
    1. This means you CAN be a part-time student. If you have the minimum of 8 credits ON the Fergus Falls campus, we will pay up to 4 credits of other M State campus delivery options (online, one of the other 3 campuses) to complete your 12 credits.
    2. We will prorate if 8-11 credits. Prorating means we pay per credit. If you are awarded $1200 and only take the required 8 Fergus Falls campus credits, the prorated amount would be ($1200 annual award/12 credits = $100 per credit * 8) = $800 prorated annual award.

Fergus Area College Foundation offers a variety of scholarships to both first and second-year students, full and part-time, for classes taken at M State. At least 8 credits have to be taken on the Fergus Falls campus. (If you are attending M State online only or on one of the other M State campuses, you can check with the other campuses’ foundation to see what might be available.)

Please make sure you provide as many details when completing the application as it will assist us in finding the right scholarship(s) for you.